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The Value of Modern Pricing With Ron Baker

In part two of the Dext Academy, we bring our focus on pricing. We tackle pricing from a foundational and practical level. Knowing that hourly pricing leaves value on the table - we will discuss alternative pricing methods that will allow your firm to discover new opportunities for revenue and drive meaningful growth for your firm. With Guest Ron Baker as our guide, we will deep dive and discover tangible strategies for finding and deploying new pricing strategies for modern accounting and bookkeeping firms.

From Compliance to Reliance with Mark Holton

In the first episode of The Dext Academy Podcast host, Erik Tang interviews Mark Holton, FCPA of Smithink. Mark dives into tangible strategies for creating a unique offering of services that address your current client needs while opening opportunities for new client onboarding. Discover how you can develop a service scheme that makes sense for your firm.

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